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COSA: Trans Empowerment: Jan 09

Trans Empowerment


Resources shared by Translate Gender (TG) on January 9 at the meeting include:

  • TG COSA Slide Deck

  • TG Hampshire Families Gathering

  • TG Berkshire Families

  • TG Transfemme Support Group

  • TG One2One PAL

  • TG Volunteer Flyer

  • TG Inclusion Initiative

  • TG Virtual Caregivers Support Space

  • TG Brochure

  • TG Affirmations Book Clubs

Additional resource sites include:


Guest Presentation:

James Shultis

(He/Him & They/Them pronouns)



James Shultis will provide an overview of how to provide care through a trauma-informed lens while being sensitive to the intersectionality of multiple identities including race, gender, and age to best serve the trans population.  Translate Gender responds to needs in the community through support groups, education and advocacy.  They offer gender-affirming therapy and support for families including care givers, guardians with reach beyond the nuclear family.  They do a considerable amount of work with youth between the ages of 3-18. This includes a youth leadership team, youth programs for trans, nonbinary, and gender expansive youth, as well as community-based events.  Translate Gender is based in Hampshire County, but serves all four counties.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024


Meeting ID: 838 6975 0138

Passcode: 805746


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