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Fresh HIP Resources Available

Are you looking for materials to help explain and promote the Healthy Incentives Program (HIP)? CISA has compiled a wide range of HIP outreach resources in a central online database accessible to all service providers and HIP vendors. These resources include:

  • Flyers, signs, and postcards;

  • Links to HIP location maps;

  • HIP training videos for staff and employees that work with SNAP customers,

  • And more!

Resources are available in multiple languages, and some are customizable to promote HIP use specifically at farmers’ markets, businesses, or other locations. All resources are intended to be downloaded, printed, and shared widely to help increase HIP benefit use and sales - so please do!

Use these HIP promotion resources to train your staff, educate your customers, and spread the word about HIP at your business or organization. New resources will be added to the database as they become available. If you have HIP resources you would like to share as part of this base, send them to Zoey.


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