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Jan 10: COSA on Transportation Justice

Learn about inequities in regards to transit and how to advocate effectively on this important topic. We want to help our most vulnerable community members reach goals that can be achieved by transportation.

Alexis Walls (she/her), Assistant Campaign Director,

Massachusetts Public Health Association

Massachusetts’ 15 Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs) are a lifeline to millions of people living in the 250+ cities and towns beyond the reach of the MBTA. By operating fixed bus routes and providing dial-a-ride services for people with disabilities, RTAs connect residents to medical care, food, jobs, education and other necessities that drive good health outcomes. Despite their essential function, RTAs have suffered for years from chronic underfunding and year-to-year budget uncertainties, which have made it difficult to maintain existing services – and impossible to expand services when and where they are most needed.

Join Zoom Meeting HERE.

Meeting ID: 884 5130 7565

Passcode: Hampshire

Jan 10 @ 10am-11am


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