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Posting: Continuum of Care Program Director

An update from Community Action Pioneer Valley:

Hello folks! Over at CAPV we're in search of our next big leader. If you know someone at the program director level who's hungry for a way to get deep and gnarly in the fight for housing justice, we've got the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Three County Continuum of Care is technically a program of CAPV, but has its own advisory boards and 25 community partners. What that means for their program director: no worries about HR stuff, accounting stuff, all the ins and outs of running an organization. The program manager gets to focus on building connections, supporting staff, and pursuing the mission.

Oh, and that mission is USE FEDERAL MONEY TO END HOMELESSNESS.​ Pretty awesome stuff. You get to know EVERY organization out here that's trying to get people housed, and you get to GIVE THEM MONEY. (And spend a lot of time making sure they stay in compliance so they get to KEEP that money, which is a lot, because HUD is a lot, but hey. You get to GIVE THEM MONEY.)

Personal note: the staff of this program includes some of the most incredible people in the business. REALLY dedicated, smart, compassionate folks who get the job done. Like, dream team status. You want to work with them.

I'm attaching the flashy ad with all the nuts and bolts (pay and benefits and stuff) but here's the full listing if you're already sold and want to apply for it:


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