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Record Charitable Contributions by PeoplesBank in 2021

PeoplesBank Sets New Record for Charitable Contributions in 2021

Donation total of $1,315,000 also represents the third year in a row of contributions above $1.3 million

With a focus on food insecurity, housing, and literacy, PeoplesBank has announced a record level of charitable contributions, with donations reaching $1,315,000 over the past year with a total of close to $11 million donated since 2011. The bank has doubled its donations in the last five years.

“It is a big part of who we are as an organization, our employees, and how they volunteer in the community,” states Tom Senecal, President and CEO of PeoplesBank [VIDEO]. “I see 2022 as a tremendous opportunity for us to give back and be committed to the communities that we serve.”

PeoplesBank’s associates donate 10,000 volunteer hours per year, and 74 of them have served on 54 nonprofit boards.

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