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J.E.D.I.B. Committee

Justice. Equity. Diversity. Inclusion. Belonging.

Our overarching goal is to increase BIPOC participation and engagement in COSA at all levels, including Board membership and leadership, to represent the strengths and needs of the BIPOC community of Hampshire County

J.E.D.I. Committee Recommendations

Initial recommended steps towards this goal are:

(Note: Steps listed in bold type have been accomplished.)

  • Strengthen recruitment efforts for the COSA Board of Directors, with goal of at least 5 BIPOC Board members by Fall 2021, and at least 50% BIPOC representation on the BOD by Fall 2022.

  • Enhance the orientation and support system for new Board members.

  • Create a standing COSA committee to focus on Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (J.E.D.I.) with leadership from the BIPOC community.

  • Revise the COSA Mission Statement to include our J.E.D.I. commitment, and read this statement at every COSA meeting.

  • Build a more welcoming environment at monthly COSA meetings, with a greeter, ice-breaker activities, overview of COSA meeting protocol and invitation for new members to introduce themselves first.

  • Increase outreach efforts to COSA member agencies and agencies led by and serving the BIPOC community.

  • Consider offering a stipend for people to attend COSA meetings, if paid work time isn’t provided by employers. Communicate more effectively the value of attending COSA meetings for people in the social service field.

  • Work towards including social service program participants/clients, not just program staff, on COSA Board.

  • Ensure diverse perspectives are included in the process of choosing COSA meeting topics and speakers.

Updated May 2022

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