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COC Diversity Survey

A message from the 3 County CoC:

Dear Community Partners,

The CoC invites essential input from you and your program staff! Please find attached the formal invitation for you and your staff to participate in a Diversity Survey developed by our Equity and Inclusion Committee. We seek responses from all members of your program teams, including administrators, managers, direct support, specialty staff, and volunteers, to gain insights that will benefit the individuals and families we serve. Kindly forward this email to anyone not included in this message who should participate.

Participation in this survey is expected from our CoC-funded projects and strongly advised for all other partners. Funded projects are annually ranked on Equity and Inclusion factors, which may be defined based on survey responses. Furthermore, all CoC partners will benefit from the information obtained through this process.

We appreciate your time in reading the attached letter and encourage you to follow the included link to our Diversity Survey. Please complete the survey by December 1st, as it will close on November 30th. We look forward to reviewing the results together and engaging in ongoing planning for growth in both the CoC and our partner agencies.

If you wish to receive future updates on upcoming trainings or be part of the work within the COC Committees and workgroups listed below, please email MicheleShaundell, or Emma for more information:

  • Equity and Inclusion Committee

  • Point in Time Planning Committee

  • Racial Equity Workgroup

  • Data and Evaluations Committee

  • DV Expansion Workgroup

  • People with Lived Experience Action Board

  • Youth and Young Adult Homelessness Committee

  • Re-Imagining Interim Housing Framework Workgroup

  • Ranking and Evaluation Committee

Thank you for your participation.


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