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HSF's Supervisory Skills Workshop Series Returns!

"When will the next session begin?" That question gets asked of us more than any other during the summer months. The answer is out!

Human Service Forum's popular Supervisory Skills Certificate Series returns for Fall 2023. Designed for first time supervisors, our highly rated series gives your leadership team a jumpstart.

Staying up to date with needs changing needs of the workforce this series will give new supervisors and leaders the skills and knowledges to succeed within their organizations.

Topics covered include:

  • Lead with Influence

  • Employment Law

  • Conflict Resolution and Team Building

  • Benefits and Liability

  • Intro to D.E.I.

  • Cybersecurity

  • Retention: Rewards & Retention, Accountability & Discipline

This session will run 8 weeks and be hybrid, please choose in person or virtual attendance when registering.


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