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Know a thing or two about volunteers?

Mass Service Alliance seeking presenters for spring conference.

During the last 2 plus years, we have constantly heard words like pivot, change, adapt, hybrid, silver lining and the list goes on. These words have especially pertained to volunteer programs at many nonprofits across the state. Volunteer programs have had to quickly and creatively shift the way that they operate to continue to provide the crucial services needed in our communities. Through the pandemic related shifts in operations and community engagement, coupled with a galvanized passion for human rights and racial equity, organizations in the Commonwealth have developed new and innovative ways to create change which allow them to better meet their missions and maximize their community impact.

We are seeking a diverse group of workshop proposals and presenters that will share the changes they have made during the last few years that has transformed their volunteer programs and kept them running effectively. This is an opportunity for innovative thinkers to share their experience and models of success with the service and volunteerism sector in Massachusetts and with sector leaders who are seeking fresh ideas and redefined best practices for mission driven service in an ever-changing environment.

The Massachusetts Conference on Volunteerism attracts professionals from across the Commonwealth including volunteer coordinators, program managers and directors from nonprofit, corporate and government agencies, community, or student engagement professionals, as well as national/state service members. All come to develop their personal and professional skills, learn new ideas, network with peers and build the capacity of their organizations.

To submit a proposal, please submit the online Workshop Request for Proposals (RFP) by Monday, February 21, 2022. For a link to the online form, see “Instructions for Proposal Submission”.


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