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Looking for programming to support and educate your clients and community?

Take advantage of this great opportunity to bring presenters from the AGO directly to your community, your clients, and your staff. An update from the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Community Engagement Division shares a list of resources and webinars available this spring/summer for your clients, students, and communities.

"We are excited to offer important bilingual webinars on a wide range of topics. These webinars will help assist communities with important information and prevention on worker’s rights, unauthorized practice of immigration laws (known as Notario Fraud), assistance and warning regarding utility companies, rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords, and a special webinar on consumer protection for all Massachusetts residents. We’ll be also updating you on recent scams and fraud regarding the COVID-19 vaccinations, and share tips on how to protect you and your loved ones.

We’d be happy to book a webinar with your organization, just let us know. Some of our webinars include:

  • Unauthorized Practice of Immigration Law (English, Spanish, or Portuguese)

  • Worker's Rights (English, Spanish, or Portuguese)

  • Utility and Energy: A Consumer Warning

  • AGO Assistance to Immigrants/Refugees (English, Spanish, or Portuguese)

  • Landlord and Tenant Rights (English, Spanish, or Portuguese)

  • Spring Consumer Rights

  • Financial Literacy

  • And many more...

To book a webinar, please email us at

You can also fill out a request for a presentation on the Community Engagement Website at

We are here to help and assist!"


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