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Nov 08: COSA meets!

Jeff Harness, Chief Community Relations and Communications Officer for Cooley Dickinson Hospital, will discuss the 2022 Cooley Dickinson Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).

This assessment is the end product of a 3 year, in-depth, collaborative process, involving extensive research and community input. As a result, it is the most comprehensive and up-to-date review of community health in Western Massachusetts and is a must read for anyone working in health care or social services.

Jeff will briefly review background on this report, then present on key findings, priorities, and a three-year implementation plan. There will be time for Q and A.

To review the report prior to the meeting, visit: Benefiting Our Community | Cooley Dickinson Health Care

COSA will also hold a brief annual meeting as part of the Nov 8 event, including elections of our Board of Directors and our annual updates. Please join us next week to learn more!

Join Zoom Meeting HERE.

Meeting ID: 884 5130 7565

Passcode: Hampshire

Nov 8 @ 10am-11am


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