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Rental Assistance for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) for Survivors of Sexual and Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking

Flexible cash assistance will be available to help survivors achieve and maintain safe housing. Funding is administered by one DPH-funded organization in each of the regions used by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services. Survivors can be referred for flexible cash assistance to aid in addressing barriers to maintaining or obtaining safe housing.

Acceptable uses for funds include: costs that are necessary to maintain or secure safe housing, associated with keeping a vehicle operational, medical/dental bills, emergency childcare, education, fees for obtaining copies of vital documents, etc. Funds are limited to $3,000 per household per fiscal year. Payments must be made directly to a vendor and cannot be made to a survivor.

The administrator for the Western Region is the YWCA of Western Massachusetts.


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