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Sep 14: COSA-UWFH Resources Call

Join the COSA-UWFH Resources Call on Tuesday, September 14 @ 10am-11am and be part of the conversation with Sami Cunningham, Community Collaboration Coordinator for Community Action.

The "Resilience Hub" is a City of Northampton-backed and Community Action-led project to develop a community center in downtown Northampton. The goal is to make drop-in resources more easily available to the most vulnerable in our community by having multiple services under one roof. The center will also be developed as a climate resilience model, having the capacity to turn into a safe zone during climate disaster for the whole community.

Community Action is now in the process of inviting stakeholders from all levels to join in determining how this project will be governed - what are our shared values? How can we meet the many needs of community and commerce? How can we best use this tool to decrease socioeconomic burdens and lower barriers to resources? These are just a few of the bigger questions we will be asking ourselves during this process.


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