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Sep 21: HSF Supervisory Skills Series Begins

This series of workshops is ideal for new supervisors to get the skills and knowledges needed to succeed. A trained supervisory team will improve any organization and lead to higher impact in aiding their communities.

Our popular Supervisory Skills Workshop Series has been updated based on feedback from previous attendees and organizations to meet the changing needs of the modern work environment.

The workshop series takes place from 9am to 12:30pm every week for eight weeks from September 21st to November 9th on seven Wednesdays and one Thursday. Attendance is required at every session for certification.

Session Topics:

Lead with Influence– Everyone exerts influence, intentional or unintentional. A good leader is aware of how they would prefer to positively impact their team and guides their field in that direction.

Employment Law 101 and 102- This 2 part workshop presents the most up to date laws requarding employment is crucial for anyone who oversees employees. Mitigate risk, learn to avoid litigation and retaliation, and fulfill your legal obligations.

Conflict Resolution and Team Building- Build your team up, making the whole stronger than the sum of their parts. Learn tips and tactics to help drive unity. Be able to address when conflict does happen, leading back to making your team work in harmony.

Benefits and Liability- Insurance can be difficult to understand. In this session, gain a better understanding of what liabilities exist for your organization. Also understand what insurance benefits are available to be to make sure your team is making the most of them.

Rewards & Recognition, Accountability & Discipline, and Retention- Help build an understanding within your team of their own progress. Be able to have conversations about great performance, and areas of improvement. Build a culture that retains their workforce through active development.

Cyber Security- Protect your information and that of your organization. Learn what steps to take to discourage hackers and scammers. Learn about the most common forms of attack, and how those attacks are evolving, as well as what the attackers are after and why.

Intro to D.E.I.- Where does your organization stand on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion? Do you understand your organization’s plan and your place in that plan? Learn to build and foster DEI within your team.


9:00 am-12:30 pm for 8 weeks:

Wednesday, September 21

Wednesday, September 28

Thursday, October 6

Wednesday, October 12

Wednesday, October 19

Wednesday, October 26

Wednesday, November 2

Wednesday, November, 9

Presented by:

Wilbert Weche; Willful Change

Meaghan Murphy, Esq. and Tim Murphy, Esq., Skoler Abbott and Presser

Janine Fondon and Lucie Lewis

Valerie Francis & Ben Garvey; Hub Insurance Center of New England

Chris Wisneski; Whittlesey

Jynai MacDonald


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