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Short-term Grants Supporting Youth Immigrants and Refugees

News from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation:

A RFP for grants for organizations, schools, and districts for short term projects supporting youth immigrants and refugees.

"This RFP is limited to community-based organizations, public schools, and districts. Higher education institutions are not eligible."

"The goal of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to support organizations, schools, and districts wishing to engage in short-term projects designed to welcome and assist young people who have been forced to migrate in the past two years from countries experiencing extreme crises and who are seeking refuge or asylum in New England. We recognize that the crises are ongoing and there is no quick fix or simple solution. We also acknowledge that those seeking refuge have long-term multi-faceted needs that are beyond the scope of this RFP. Yet, we know that all youth need and deserve access to an excellent and equitable public education."


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