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Apr 15: Racial Disparities in Maternal Health from Women's Fund

From the Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts: “Wait…What?!” is a bi-monthly discussion offering a chance for our community to convene on emerging issues we all face, albeit with varied challenges.

This panel discussion will center on Racial Disparities in Maternal Health. April 11-17 has been designated Black Maternal Health Week during Black Minority Health Month. This year acknowledges the fourth annual national Black Maternal Health Week campaign founded and led by the Black Mamas Matter Alliance. See complete details here.

The discussion will include:

  • Strategies for pregnant folks on advocating for care, specifically pregnant folks from Black communities

  • Awareness for the connection between lack of appropriate and timely care with maternal morbidity and infant loss

  • Education on how to establish a team of caregivers from the range of options available to pregnant folks including nurse midwives, doulas, families, and community members

  • Ways to address provider bias and racial microaggressions produced by structural racism in medical care and the existing barriers to receiving pre- and post-natal care


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