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Apr 27: What to do when someone needs help

A presentation from Community Action Pioneer Valley

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27 10am-11am

WHAT TO DO WHEN SOMEONE NEEDS HELP is a one-hour training designed to help newer front-line staff, and those who work with the public. In it, we'll go over two Community Action resources designed to get people connected with the help they need. We'll also talk about how to navigate the difficult moments that can arise when people need urgent help that isn't always easy to get.

WHO THIS TRAINING IS BEST FOR: front-line staff who work directly with the public in Franklin or Hampshire counties, staff who sometimes get calls for help from the public, trusted community leaders whom others go to for help, and anyone new to the Pioneer Valley who may be less familiar with what kinds of help are out there!

SPREAD THE WORD! We'll be doing this training several times over the rest of the year, so this is not your only chance to do it. In addition, if you'd like me to do this training privately for your organization and can get at least 5 people to attend, I'm happy to do it for your department, program, or agency!


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