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Amherst College promises $1.3M to region

From Amherst College News:

Amherst College has committed an initial $1.325 million to the local community, it was announced today by Amherst College President Michael A. Elliott. The donation includes a $1 million gift to the Jones Library for its renovation and expansion project, as well as donations of $250,000 to the Cooley Dickinson Hospital for its emergency department renovation and $75,000 to the Drake arts and cultural performance venue for sustained programming.

These donations to the Jones Library and the Drake follow a $100,000 gift to each as part of the institution’s Bicentennial celebrations in 2021. The College also expects to increase its support of the Amherst schools and Amherst Fire Department as part of a strategic partnership agreement currently being discussed with the town.

“The Town of Amherst is our home and a vital part of the fabric of the College,” said Elliott. “The town’s vibrant culture is an important part of the package that attracts talented people to our campus—and we are committed to continuing to invest in our shared future as neighbors.”

Read the full story here.

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