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Apr 10: Public Health Lobby Day

An update from the Massachusetts Public Health Association:

As the Commonwealth continues to recover from a pandemic of unprecedented scale, one thing is clear: we cannot return to an inequitable status quo. As the 2023-2024 legislative session ramps up at the Massachusetts State House, we must raise our voices to advance critical policy solutions that promote equity through the fundamental building blocks of good health, including access to strong public health protections and reliable public transportation that provides connections to work, school, groceries, and health care.

Please join MPHA on Monday, April 10th at 10 AM for our first Public Health Lobby Day at the Massachusetts State House. At Lobby Day, you will hear from an inspiring panel of speakers, learn how to hold effective conversations with lawmakers, and meet with your state legislators and their staff in support of MPHA’s top priority bills:

  • The Statewide Accelerated Public Health for Everyone Act (SAPHE 2.0) filed by Rep. Hannah Kane, Rep. Denise Garlick, and Sen. Jo Comerford. SAPHE 2.0 will establish minimum public health standards for every community, credential public health workers, create uniform data collection and reporting systems, and build a state funding mechanism for local and regional boards of health; and

  • The RTA Advancement Bill filed by Rep. Natalie Blais and Sen. Susan Moran. Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs) are a lifeline to residents in 250 communities beyond the reach of the MBTA, connecting people to jobs, groceries, and medical care. The RTA Advancement bill will stabilize funding for the RTAs so agencies can better meet the needs of local communities.


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