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Begins Apr 05: HSF Workplace Equity Series

For organizations committed to opening their eyes, ears, & hearts

This is a multisession series for organizations ready to take action in creating/enhancing their internal culture of equity. HSF is bringing a multitude of voices to the table with a variety of engaging speakers.

Day One, Tuesday April 5 9:00am- 12:30pm- Identifying the Nine Social Identities: The morning session will be an in-depth discussion of the nine social identities that NCCJ concentrates on as part of their teachings. This is an opportunity to define and discuss the identities, to learn why these are the identities we discuss, and to learn and understand the history and the present as pertains to these identities. 1:30 pm- 3:30pm- Restorative Justice: The afternoon session will focus on Restorative Justice. How we proceed forward as we acknowledge both historical and future incidents that pertain to our organizations and what we can do to ensure that the culture we have created is also one of accountability

Day Two, Tuesday May 10 9:00am-12:30pm- Equity Remix: Organizations need to hit the refresh button to reset and remix outdated diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies — all to meet the needs of new audiences, changing talent bases, and generational trends. This session will help you create strategies and best practices that MATTER to audiences, marketing, and communities you seek to engage. Rethink the potential of diversity, equity, and inclusion through the lens of storytelling, experiential opportunities, and virtual engagement. Learn to Remix narratives, programs, and strategies using the Inclusion Awareness Model (I AM).

Day Three, Tuesday June 21 9:ooam-12:30pm – Gender Identity in the Workplace: Ultimately, it is up to each individual whether they choose to share their transition experience with the workplace. While some people may choose to discuss their gender identity with coworkers and supervisors alike, some employees may find this to be a strictly personal matter. The best way to accommodate both scenarios is to normalize the concept of varying gender identities within the workplace. This workshop will support open discussion to help organizations create this culture of normalization.

1:30pm-3:30pm- Creating Clear Pathways: This program will help you help you find ways to reach a more diverse population and cultivate a culture of inclusion and respect. Over the course of the program, we will cover topics such as internal mentorship, assessing the population in your organization and community, addressing involvement vs. tokenism, and more.

Presenters include:


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