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Dec 03: Training on Infant Psychotrauma

Another opportunity from the UMass-Amherst Educator Preparation Office which is partnering with our Center for International Education.

For all those interested in or working with younger children.

Topic: Infant Psychotrauma - led by Miri Keren (former President, World Association of Infant Mental Health). Dr Keren will be addressing the often misunderstood and neglected area of infant traumatization and healing. Trauma Informed Global Resilience Series Seminars

How young can a child develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Dr. Miri Keren, is Assistant Clinical Professor Emeritus at the Tel Aviv University Sackler Medical School and was for 20 years Head of the Infant Psychiatry course. As President of the World Association of Infant Mental Health (2012-2016), she has been invested in the implementation of a declaration of Infant’s Rights. She founded in 2000 the Israeli WAIMH Affiliate and is currently its Honorary President, and Chairperson of the World Psychiatric Association Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Section.

Dr Keren has received the Leibovici WAIMH Award in June 2021. Dr Keren will first review the empirical data that shows that already in infancy PTSD can exist and what is its clinical presentation. We will discuss the protective and the risk factors for the infant to develop PTSD following the exposure to traumatic experiences of various types, which we will illustrate with two clinical vignettes.

We will end with the importance to detect and treat early PTSD in infancy in

order to avoid the development of later emotional and behavioral disorders.

Date/Time: Friday 3rd December 2021, 12.00 noon EST

Meeting ID: 359 103 613


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