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Gov. Healey releases housing bond bill

An update from Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness:

On October 18, Governor Healey's Administration released its housing bond bill, the Affordable Housing Act. It proposes significant investment of $4 billion to address the affordable housing crisis, and also includes important policy advances (e.g. eviction record sealing, transfer fee for affordable housing, and more, however there are important tweaks that will be necessary). You can read the Governor's press release and the bill's summary factsheet here. This announcement is just the start of a lengthy process (there will be legislative hearings, etc.) - and our collective input and advocacy will be critically important - but for now there is good cause for feeling heard. This bill offers significant hope for meaningful housing solutions.

Please be sure you are subscribed to the Network blog to stay in the loop on next action steps on the Housing Bill (go here to subscribe). The more united we are as a region, the greater impact we will have on meeting our western MA needs in this bill (and every other!).

Note: You can also read the MassBudget statement on the Governor's Affordable Homes Act HERE.


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