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Grow Food Northampton assesses impact

Grow Food Northampton has shared a look back at the accomplishments and impact in 2022. It was a year of growth into a "post-pandemic" version of Grow Food Northampton; one in which we fostered deeper connections to the land, developed a critical analysis of the history of food and farming in the U.S. and in our immediate community, ensured that marginalized communities are taking the lead in shaping their food landscapes, and created a broader range of ways for everyone to play a part in the local food system.

FLOOD UPDATE: The farms, organic community gardens, and infrastructure on the Grow Food Northampton Community Farm were devastated by recent Mill River flooding. Please support recovery efforts, especially for local farms that suffered severe damage.

You can find lots of ways on GFN’s website to get involved through giving, cleanup and recovery work. Or check out CISA’s page on how to help local farms. You can find information about the Massachusetts Farm Resiliency Fund HERE.

Show your support for local agriculture by shopping at the Tuesday market all summer long! Great food, produce, and more.


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