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May 12: 2021-22 Americorps Intent To Applys are due!

News from Massachusetts Service Alliance:

MSA has a funding opportunity available for organizations that are interested in eventually hosting their own AmeriCorps State program! Applicants may apply for an AmeriCorps Planning Grant for 2021-2022. AmeriCorps Planning Grant MSA will award grant funds under this initiative to nonprofit organizations, cities, towns, states, faith-based or any partnership thereof that does not currently receive AmeriCorps State funding from MSA, to support the development of new programming in Massachusetts. Organizations that receive funding will be required to work with MSA for the duration of the grant in developing their program design and proposal submitted for this initiative. Additionally, the grantee will be required to identify one point-person for the project. Grantees who successfully complete their planning grant deliverables will be better prepared to apply for an implementation grant as well as operate an AmeriCorps program, once funded. The final deliverable of the one year planning grant funding would be submission of an application for an AmeriCorps operating grant during the planning grant period. Program Size MSA will entertain grant requests of up to $75,000. MSA encourages organizations to include the cost for a staff person who will be the primary contact during the entire planning grant period and will ideally transition to a full-time program director role, if the program is selected for AmeriCorps funding. At a minimum, MSA expects the organization to hire a full-time program director to manage the AmeriCorps program before the end of the planning grant period. To Apply Interested organizations should: 1) Thoroughly review the Massachusetts State AmeriCorps Planning Grant Funding Opportunity RFP. 2) Submit an Intent to Apply by Monday, May 12, 2021 (optional, but strongly encouraged). 3) Submit an online application by Tuesday, May 21, 2021.

Questions For questions regarding the RFP or AmeriCorps, please contact Beth McGuinness at


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