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Dec 14: Trauma Informed Hampshire County at COSA

Update: Thanks to everyone who joined us in a busy Zoom session to learn more about TIHC. We appreciate all the time, energy, and information from our wonderful presenters: Ruth Ever, Heather Warner, and Chase Giroux.

If you would like to connect with TIHC and learn more about potential collaborations, please contact them at


Join COSA on December 14th @ 10am to learn about Trauma Informed Hampshire County: a network responding to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) by building resilience.

The group is a grassroots network of organizations, agencies, and community activists committed to addressing the effects of ACEs and promoting the healing of individual, group, systemic, and historical trauma in Hampshire County.

The presentation will cover work done by the group, a training developed to educate all community members about this issue, and plans for the future. The discussion in December will include time for input from COSA members about their needs.

Ruth Ever, staff consultant for the network, former COSA member, and health educator, will present.


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