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Nov 17: Equitable Hiring Practices

Mitigating Bias that May be Excluding your Best Hires

A workshop from The Truth School for Social Change:

This workshop will provide an opportunity to examine how our biases influence who we hire. If we are committed to a truly racially equitable hiring process, we have to approach it with a race equity mindset and a racial equity lens. We have to ask ourselves some important questions. What kind of outreach are we doing to draw a diverse pool of candidates? Who do we advance from the resume review stage to the interview process, and why? When it comes down to two candidates who are equally qualified, but in different ways, how do we select a finalist? Too often, we succumb to affinity bias and go with the candidate who we consider a “proven performer” or “known quantity” or a “good fit.” What do we mean by this and how are we making these assessments? In this workshop, we will explore these questions together and root out the underlying bias that exists in our hiring processes so that we shift from the exclusionary “culture fit” framework to the inclusive and equitable “culture add” orientation.


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